Henley DramFest Joys! A veteran’s list

Performing in a ‘real’ theatre (especially at Henley: the Kenton is the fourth oldest working one in the country!); meeting and competing with fellow amateur theatre people; getting out of that ‘comfort zone’ back in one’s home village/town/city; enhanced team spirit from touring, just like pro actors, out on the road together and performing in a different space; being part of a varied bill for each audience – < 3 different plays a night; taking risks, perhaps with material we could not afford to do ‘at home’; an exceptionally high number of awards, offering everyone a realistic chance of having their efforts recognised; and, joy of joys: a proper, professional, impartial appraisal of our efforts, from somebody who is neither kin nor pal and who really know about the theatre, with hints on how to improve what we do.

It’s all good folks! What’s not to like?

Chris Harris, HDF Committee member and veteran competitor.

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